Information for tourists to Madagascar

Information for tourists to Madagascar

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With over 50 years of experience in Madagascar, we’ll happy to share our views and make your holiday a wonderful experience.

Madagasccar is the fourth biggest island in the world, about 1500 by 500 km with different landscapes and an abundance of options for tourists.

Madagascar separated from Africa 110 million years ago and underwent a different evolution. The animals and plants live nowhere else on earth, such as baobabs, tortoises and lemurs.

The Malagasy people came from different corners in the world, which is reflected in 20 different tribes, all with their own traditions and rituals. Welcome to mysterious and exciting Madagascar!

The people

Currently there are 27 million people in Madagascar, half of them under the age of 21 years. Ther background and culture is a mixture of various Asian and African influences and the traditional and spiritual lifestyle of many reminds of midieval times.
The major tribes are the Mirina in the center of the island, the betsinisaraka in the east, the Sakalava in the west and the Antandroy in the south.


Madagascar is a very poor country and the condition of roads and bridges is appalling. Moreover, there are no rivers allowing travelling by boat and no trains (with the exception of an ancient train connecting the cities of Fianarantsoa and Manakara).

Because of the huge distances and the poor infrastructure, tourists with a few weeks available for their holiday are recommended to restrict their visit to one or two geographic areas, e.g. the central part and the west, or the central part and the south. Particularly northern Madagascar is best reached by airplane from the capital Antananarivo.

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