Update situation june 2022

At the new airport Ravenale (Ivato) in Antananarivo still a PCR test is required. This will cost you 25 euro and about 20 minutes.


The current situation (january 2022) is a negative travel advise, e.g. from the American Embassy: Do not travel to Madagascar due to COVID and related conditions.  Exercise increased caution due to crime.

On the other hand things are well organized in Antananarivo. After arrival at the new airport Ravenale, each tourist requires (if not yet received) a visa  (approx. 40 euro, depending on duration of stay; a photo is not asked for) and a new Malagasy negative PCR test (25 euro at the airport). A hotel reservation should be made in advance and each tourist is brought to this hotel by a gouvernmental shuttle bus (3 euro). The result of the PCR test may last 1-2 days and the tourist is not allowed to leave his/her room. When returning home, each tourist again needs a negative PCR test before entering an airplane, which can easily be obtained in Antananarivo. For example, in the Louis Pasteur Institute, rather expensive  (75 euro), but ready the same day.  Advise: go their very early in the morning, e.g. 05.00 a.m. Everywhere in Madagascar, when entering a public place, a bank, hospital  or taxi, a face mask is required. Be prepared that due to Corona and the absence of clients, most hotels and restaurants are closed.


On 23 October  2021 visitors from Mauritius and Reunion are welcome in Madagascar, and from 6 November people from Europe.

There will be a PCR test at the airport, followed by 1-2 days in a quarantaine hotel in Antananarivo for the result. Check before flying for last minute changes!

The border is now open for Mauritius and Reunion and next week europe will come. One has to pay 25 euros for the PCR test and the money for 1-2 days in a quarantine hotel. 2021


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