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Buy this beautiful book about Madagascar and plant 3 Baobabs!

Are you interested in Madagascar? In The singing of the indri, travel author Beer Visser describes her journey through Madagascar, supplemented with facts and tourist tips. If you order this book for € 18.95 via the link below, we will plant 3 critically endangered Grandidier Baobabs in the Zazamalala forest for you!
From the ancient rainforests in the northeast to the dry thorny scrub in the southwest. Beer Visser travels across Madagascar for three months and comes face to face with the many exceptional animals that live in the country. She searches for silk sifakas, leaf-tailed geckos and golden bamboo lemurs, hears indris sing and visits countless
national parks in the country. She cruises the Tsiribihina River in a canoe, takes the only train that still runs in Madagascar, and discovers as she travels that there are plenty of other options for crossing the country than with the notorious jungle taxis. The poverty of the Malagasy and the deforestation of the land humiliates her; beautiful cities, friendly people and the animals that still roam the forests despite the threat surprise her. In the meantime, she writes down her experiences in a blog. These stories have been collected in this book and supplemented with facts worth knowing about the country, recommendations and recommendations about where to stay and tips on what to do. Additional web pages include background information and useful links for the traveler for each chapter.
You can order Singing the Indri here! 

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