About us
In 2000 the Zazamalala botanical garden and forest was established as a Dutch initiative
for the conservation and protection of the forests of west Madagascar. Zazamalala is
supported by the Zazamalala Foundation, registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a
non-profit NGO with ANBI status.
The executive board of Zazamalala consists of Simon rietveld, Jocelyne Farazanamalala,
Amos Frank, Frank Bracht, Frank Slisser.
Address: Ruyschstraat 118-a, 1091 CH Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31 6 36258593
E mail: info@madagaskar.com
Website: https://madagaskar.com

Simon Rietveld, PhD


I am 73 years old and love to travel between Amsterdam and Madagascar. I know Madagascar for 50 years and since 2000manage the Zazamalala forest and botanical garden. I was member of the environmental chamber of the Forest Stewardship Council. Before I worked for 22 years as a medical psychologist at the University of Amsterdam. My articles have been cited over 1300 times and I received the IG Noble Prize for medicine at Harvard.

Jocelyne Farazanamalala


She was born in Toamasina, Madagascar, but lived for 20 years in the Netherlands. Jocelyne is in charge of the Zazamalala nursery, usually filled with thousands of seedlings of rare plants and timber trees.

Anne Slagman


I am a young professional living in Amsterdam. With my academic background in Business Economics, I wanted to put my expertise into practice to help the good cause of the Zazamalala Foundation. I have done volunteering work in South-America and Europe, helping schools and smallholder farmers. My ambition is to help people improve self-sufficiency, welfare and sustainability.


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Amos Frank

Board member

Amos simply loves improving others. And thus was drawn to Zazamalala because it does just that in a unique way to resolve the very serious issue of deforestation. By intertwining the improvement of nature and the improvement of peoples lives in one feel swoop. Just like the vision behind his founding of a not-for-profit impact investment fund for entrepreneurs with a non-Dutch descent. As a professional he is a trusted advisor to a varied group of entrepreneurs where he combines his extensive experience in consultancy, investing, entrepeneurship,marketing and coaching to improve their organisations and their personal leadership. In his spare time Amos can be found hiking in the mountains, snowboarding, kitesurfing, running, guitar playing, reading, music, cooking or discussing (non) relevant issues with anybody who is willing and able.