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Zazamalala in west Madagascar: The traditional Wildlife Experience

  • Day and night walks through the forest.
  • Traditional rituals and ceremonies with music from the local people.
  • Short trips to beaches, zebu Market, sea Fishing, Baobab Alley, Kirindy forest.
  • Longer trips to Tsingy de Bemaraha Unesco heritage, Belo sur Mer beach resort, Kirindy Mitea national park.
  • Easy access (along Route National 35) between Antananarivo and Morondava (Antsaribao).
  • English, French, German, Dutch, Malagasy speaking management.

The Forest

The Zazamalala Forest is a square km of forest around pondss in west Madagascar, 35 km from the beach at the Mozambique Channel. Driving along National Route 35 from the capital Antananarivo to Morondava (650 km), Zazamalala is the first and only forest along the road. The forest includes e.g. huge Baobab and 150 other tree species and numerous rare orchids, palms and flowering shrubs, it is indeed a biodiversity museum.


Many of the hundreds of species of lemurs, birds, reptiles and amphibians are endangered or critically endangered, e.g. Fosa (a large wild cat), white-black Sifaka and Flat-tailed tortoise. The number of breeding birds is unique for Madagascar, e.g. Sacred Ibis and Madagascar Harrier-hawk.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden offers the largest collection of western Malagasy trees, flowering shrubs, palms and rare plants, among them hundreds of Succulent species from the southern spiny forest.

How to reach Zazamalala

Zazamalala is reached in about one hour by public transport from the city of Morondava and in 40 minutes from Morondava airport. The entrance is 450 m from the national route 35, between Antananarivo/Antsirabe and Morondava, 11 km after the village of Mahabo and 5 km before Analaiva.


There is safe and comfortable lodging for a few people in a villa with swimmingpool in the middle of the botanical garden (or alternatively in a basic cabin in the forest).

We have three bedrooms for guests at Zazamalala: a large bedroom (5x5 m) with a double and a single bed, and two medium bedrooms (5x3.5 m) with a double bed, including an adjacent bathroom. All furniture is made from rosewood and the rooms are decorated with traditional Sakalava artisana. Despite the large windows, the rooms are insect-free. The bedrooms are located on the first floor of a villa with a large terrace all-around, revealing the beautiful panorama: the 1.5 ha garden with the swimming pool and the forest with huge Baobab trees and nesting storks and herons.

Photo Gallery

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Baobab (Adansonia grandidieri)Baobab (Adansonia grandidieri).
Scandinavian visitors at ZazamalalaScandinavian visitors at Zazamalala.
Brown LemursBrown Lemurs (Eulemur rufus).
Egrets and storks nesting in the baobabEgrets and storks nesting in the baobab (Adansonia za).